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Manousaki Victoria, Aluminco

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Nikolaou Lina, Plaisio Computers

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Blue Horizon Villa & Suites Team, Crete

"The product you created for us based on our needs, serves the purpose we wanted both aesthetically and in the practical aspect because of its volume, its material and the strap which gives an extra option to be carried on shoulder. Thank you!"
Petrakou Efi, Regional Retail Manager for "Holmes Place" company

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Avra Cruises team, Astypalea

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Kiourani Sophia for "Vintage Pickers boutique"

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Stefanidis John for "Mezoura.com" company

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Thank you very much!"


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 Sarandi Giota for "REPLAY" company

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 Logotheti Eleni for "FYLAKI" company

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 Megla-M by Stamatia Megla