About us

Our company, under corporate title NOMAD LTD, is a company with 40 years in production process. Since 1995 we have been active in the production of packaging, serving through the wholesale channel, stores related to christening, wedding, clothing and footwear. In recent years we have prepared a new range of products exclusively for the hotel industry. Many of our products are exported to countries like Cyprus, Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Malta.

We oversee every step of production, including design, cutting, sewing and printing, in our own production unit so that we can ensure low cost and prompt delivery. The detailed design and high quality materials we use result in a final product of the highest standards.

Each customer is important to us and we want to meet one’s needs to the max. Our goal is to create a packaging which will represent your company, help you stand you out in the market and protect not only your products and services but also your own brand!

Share your idea with us and we will make it happen!